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Two FWIW readings about Twitter: the end of Vine and a memorable Twitter feed

Two things I came across lately that some of you might be interested in, in the “FWIW” category of things: Apparently, Vine is no more. Or at least Twitter (which owns Vine) is phasing it out. There are a bunch … Continue reading

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About “Tales from the Public Domain” and Creative Commons

This is where we’ll talk about “Tales from the Public Domain,” a comic by Keith Aoki, James Boyle, and Jennifer Jenkins, which is actually a comic about copyright, and also a bit about Creative Commons. I am always torn about how … Continue reading

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And shifting into readings sort of between the text to hypertext and social media assignments…

We’re starting to move away from the readings that are specifically about the text to hypertext/usability projects (that is, Krug and Redish and the like) and more into some readings that make connections between that assignment and the semester of … Continue reading

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Continuing to talk about “Do Not Track” (and a few related FWIW readings/thoughts)

You can continue the conversation about “Do Not Track” where we started it and/or here, that’s totally up to you. But I wanted to post a new thread first to remind you to make sure you finish up the series– … Continue reading

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“Do Not Track,” a web video/experience

This is where we’ll talk about “Do Not Track,” which is a sort of web video and interactive web experience about an important topic we haven’t really talked about much yet: privacy and data security on the web. There are … Continue reading

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On to Part Two of the Text-to-Hypertext Project: Publishing Options, Important Dates, Questions?

Now that you are (hopefully?) well on your way in the peer review for the first part of the usability/text-to-hypertext project, let’s get to the next part about making your text into a hypertext. Of course, to get started, it … Continue reading

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As we head into the weekend, let me chat about the schedule changes

Watch the video, but in the nutshell, I made a few changes to the schedule and I wanted to alert you to them. So take a look at the schedule and the video, maybe at the same time!

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Peer Review for the Quasi-Usability Testing Essay

This is where we’ll kick off the peer review for the part 1 of the usability/text to hypertext assignment. Just as a refresher, here’s how I describe this part of the assignment: For your role as a user or reviewer, … Continue reading

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“But does web site design really matter?”

We’ve obviously been spending a fair amount of time in the last couple weeks (with Krug and Redish in particular) talking about best practices/best principles in web design and usability, the details down to the point of emphasis in a … Continue reading

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Wrapping up Redish

Before I even get to Redish: I’ve made a VERY SLIGHT change of schedule, and we’ll talk about the “does it really matter?” readings/discussions starting on Wednesday. On to Redish: as I’ve mentioned before and as I’m sure you guys have started … Continue reading

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