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Pre-Thanksgiving update and lots of links to things to think, FWIW

You should watch the video, of course, but a summary of it and a bit about the links below: Don’t forget: I’m making myself available to meet with anyone who is interested to talk about some of the technicalities of … Continue reading

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Two FWIW readings about Twitter: the end of Vine and a memorable Twitter feed

Two things I came across lately that some of you might be interested in, in the “FWIW” category of things: Apparently, Vine is no more. Or at least Twitter (which owns Vine) is phasing it out. There are a bunch … Continue reading

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Continuing to talk about “Do Not Track” (and a few related FWIW readings/thoughts)

You can continue the conversation about “Do Not Track” where we started it and/or here, that’s totally up to you. But I wanted to post a new thread first to remind you to make sure you finish up the series– … Continue reading

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FWIW: Quartz’s “Map of the Internet”

I managed to get myself behind in a lot of different categories of my work this past week (and that includes commenting on projects you’ve been working on too), and I’m hoping/planning on getting caught up today and through this … Continue reading

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FWIW: Speaking of life before the Internet…

The thing about a class like this is there is always something coming up in the news and wherever else that’s relevant or interesting (at least to me) to what we’re doing in this class. I will post about these … Continue reading

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