Peer review for the Text to Hypertext project

I think peer review went pretty well last time, I suspect for two reasons. First, we have gotten to know each other (even though it’s an online class!), and I think that familiarity with each other makes it a lot easier to give feedback. Second, I think you all care about your own work, and that level of care translates into giving good feedback. So it’s all good!

Okay, once again, here are the groups:

Group 1: Scott B., Marianne M., Deb B., Samanta W.

Group 2: Andrew D., Jaclyn Y., Kyle J., Joan K., Zoe F.

Group 3: Rachel N., Jeffrey M., Amanda D., Matt z.

Group 4: Ja’La W., Renee G.,  Louise B., Hania M.

Here’s how this will work:

  • Everyone needs to have a link to their web site on their 444 wordpress portfolio page.  I would recommend setting it up on a specific page on your site, which will also allow your peers to comment on your site. Make sure it’s easy for us to find this link! No one wants to “hunt around” to find the link, so make sure it’s clearly labeled and easy to find.
  • You might want to give your readers some guidance about what kind of feedback you want. This is more or less what you did in your first two usability tests: you gave your users some instructions. You can do that with us too.
  • Beside a link to the website you made– the actual text to hypertext piece of things– you also need to have a draft of your essay that describes the process you went through to create your web site– you know, the previous usability tests and feedback on that, the challenges with the technology, the choices you made with changing your original text to make it workable for the web, and so forth.
  • In addition to the text to hypertext project, give each other some feedback on your 444 wordpress portfolios. I’ve talked about what I’m looking for in your class portfolios several times before; while you are looking at each others’ hypertext projects, take a look at each others’ websites and offer some direction there too.
  • Remember! You need to start doing all this by the end of the day on Monday, December 5!
  • I will be participating in this review process as best I can: that is, I will chime in and offer a few thoughts just like everyone else. I do this at this point on this assignment because I know time is short and folks probably want to know what I think before they hand this in, and also because I won’t have much time to let you know what I think about your site at the very end of the term.

Does that all make sense? Questions?

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3 Responses to Peer review for the Text to Hypertext project

  1. rachel says:

    Are the peer review groups timed to open up for comments tomorrow? As of right now there doesn’t appear to be an option to insert comments on the group pages, so just wanted to check.

  2. jjwourman says:

    I have a question about citing sources. I know we discussed this a little bit in the reading on copyright laws, but I just wanted to double check on this. Would you suggest we include references at the bottom of each page on our final text-hypertext websites?

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