The End is Near!

Of course you should watch this last video from me, but a few important points I’m trying to make:

  • I’m commenting right now on your social media reflection essays, your web sites, and your 444 portfolios. My hope/goal is to be done commenting in the peer review here by about this time (or earlier) Friday.
  • Some time between about now and December 13, send me a second email about how it is you think you’ve done for participation for the second part of the term.
  • Everything is due on the last day of class, December 13. However, if you need a little extra time on your web site, let me know and we can make some kind of deal. Just send me an email and ask.
  • Along these lines: once you are done with everything and you ready for me to figure out your final grade for the term, send me an email letting me know that too.
  • And, as you can see in this video at somewhere around the seven minute mark, the end of time is December 20 at 2pm!
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