Quasi-Usability Essay Peer Review Group 4

This is where Peer Review Group 4 will share your links to your short essays about your experiences with the quasi-usability testing of the English department web site. Just post a link to the page on your wordpress site to share with others here.

Group 4 is: Ja’La W., Joan K., Matt Z., Kyle J.

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    • jjwourman says:

      Hi Joan,

      First I want to say I enjoyed reading your draft of the quasi-usability test. You introduced the project in a thoughtful way and provided some context from the readings. This is helpful for outside readers who may not be familiar with what we have been learning in our class — so great job! The only thing I did have a question about in your introduction is the purpose for putting parentheses around Krug and Reddish’s name in the third to last sentence of paragraph one?

      In addition to your introduction, overall you do a great job of providing context to each scenario and the tasks at hand. I similarly did the same, and also described my experiences to some of the tasks. What I found interesting about both of our responses is we noted the difficulty in sifting through the scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students. For this, I referenced Redish’s chapter on design and made suggestions on a better way to separate the categories. You talked about organization here which I thought goes hand in hand with design elements!

      You brought up a point I didn’t consider which I’m surprised I didn’t think of before — “The first and second scenarios reflect another issue. It doesn’t matter if a user is able to find the page they need if that page doesn’t contain the necessary content.” I absolutely agree that this is a HUGE issue and many designers possibly are focused on aesthetics or just getting the website up and running they tend to overlook if the content is all there — or what might be missing?

      My last comment has to do with your overall approach to tackling this assignment – again, great job of providing context to each scenario and then relating it to Krug or Redish. I do suggest for the final version you possibly quote each author instead of reference the book in your 4th to last paragraph. Doing so will help readers understand usability testing , especially from Krug’s point of view and maybe cause people to read the book as you suggest.

    • totallykyle94 says:


      I quite enjoyed reading your essay, your intro was a nice way to start things off, making mention of the two texts, usability testing, and the survey for the English department website, which are your focuses in the essay.

      I also found that your explanations for your critiques of the English department website were fair, thorough, and clear. You summarized not only your opinions, but also the results from the answers of classmates to the survey, and this is what I think really made your points hit home. I’ll have to keep these things in mind when revising my essay.

      The only things I have to offer in terms of improvement are to possibly incorporate more into your essay from the Krug and Redish books directly, which is something I must do myself, and to keep the notes of others in our group in mind. Good work!

    • Joan Kwaske says:

      I’ve just finished reading and reviewing your paper! I put my thoughts on this Google Doc, so if you have any questions, comment on it and I’ll reply as quickly as possible:

      • jjwourman says:

        Hi Kyle,

        As I mentioned to Joan, I think you do a great job introducing this project and proving contextual information for outside readers. It’s always good to consider your audience and what background knowledge they bring/dont bring before reading your work — so again, great introductory paragraphs!

        Some notes I made had to do with citations. Be sure when you are quoting or referencing Krug and Redish you provide either the page number, chapter, or title of book (whichever is relevant). The paragraphs I noted to double check for correct citing are P1, 4, and the 2nd to last paragraph.

        One thing I found interesting is you mentioned one aspect of the website had “too much going on visually.” This surprised me because in my eyes I thought the website as a whole did not provide much visually. I think this has to do with my own interest in creating aesthetically appealing websites, but also having your visuals add and not take away from the content.

        Overall, this is a great first draft. As you continue to work on this, it will be helpful to compare/contrast the class results from the survey with your own results. That way, you can see how your views might differ or be the same — and why might that be? I’m learning that personal background and experiences has a lot to do with how I tackled each scenario –which might be the same for you.

  1. jjwourman says:

    Hey everyone,
    As I’m working on the comments I just realized I posted my link to the home page for 444 and not our group! Sorry if anyone had trouble finding it, but here it is 🙂


    • totallykyle94 says:


      I think you have a strong essay here, and I liked how you incorporated your personal experiences into your writing, this helped the points that you made stand out to me, and I also thought your use of the Krug and Redish’s book, and I could tell you had a focus on aesthetics/design, which is an important aspect of web design.

      As for improvements, I did notice a few grammatical errors, like spelling “Redish” as “Reddish” in the first paragraph, and a few other minor things, but these are easily fixed. Also, I think you could bring everything together for an even stronger conclusion at the end (which is something I also need to work on). Other than that, nice work!

    • Joan Kwaske says:

      I took my notes on a Google Doc so that if you have any questions or comments, you can comment and I’ll get an email immediately. Overall, I really enjoyed your essay!
      Here’s the link to the doc:

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