Text to Hypertext Peer Review, Group 1

Here’s the peer review for Group 1 for the Text to Hypertext assignment:

Group 1: Scott B., Marianne M., Deb B., Samanta W.

40 Responses to Text to Hypertext Peer Review, Group 1

  1. swilso93 says:

    I am looking for feedback on my website. How it looks, accuracy, etc. For my review please give me feedback on how it all works together, any typos, etc.

    Link to HyperText Project: https://thewalkingdeadandgrammar.wordpress.com/

    Link to Reflection of HyperText Project: https://www444emusamanthawilson.wordpress.com/the-usabilitytext-to-hypertext-project/

    • Debra says:

      Here are my thoughts about your reflection paper I’ll do a separate post for the websites.

      On the draft so far, you have just covered our first usability test. Remember that you also need to talk about the usability tests for your hypertext website and the development process for the website.

      I think you made good connections between the readings and your experience with the English website.

      There were a few spots where I think your writing was a little casual — phrases like “all messed up” and “right off the bat.” Just a little tweaking would make your points more clear.

      You might be able to work a quote or two from Krug to go along with the points you make about usability testing.

      You are definitely on the the right track so far with your draft.

      • swilso93 says:

        I swear I did mention the second round of usability testing, I will have to double check. Agree with you on some of my words, sometimes I forget I’m not writing on social media, hah. Thank you much for your insights!

    • Debra says:

      It’s a very creative, fun website. I don’t watch the Walking Dead, but I do get a feel for the language and style from the website.

      There is a lot of text, although it is short and nicely spaced out. I wonder if using dark red for the sub-headings would help them stand out a little more and allow the reader to skim quicker. I also wonder if it would be possible to convert one of the sections to a table or boxes or some type of other grouping that would be a good change of pace from all the text.

      It’s great that you included a Facebook feed. I’m not sure the photos in the bottom right corner add much, since they are small. But I know we are sometimes limited within the templates we are working with.

      I like your choice of headings, and I think it’s interesting that you added one for citations. I might do that myself :))

      • swilso93 says:

        Thank you for your insights! I was kind of worried it was too much text. I should try to spice it up with some pictures or as you said a table or something.

    • Scott says:

      These are my comments on your website:
      This is a great concept: getting people to think of language and writing in terms related to the Walking Dead. I think users could benefit from some of these examples.

      I’m wondering on the Home page if the “What this website is all about” section should be moved to the top of the page. When I initially came to your page that was the question I wanted answered. Does anyone else agree with me on this?

      I agree with Debra, using a different color for the subheadings or some way to make them stand out even more would allow for ease of flow throughout the pages, so users can skim.

      I would have liked to see more multimedia type content, maybe a video introducing the TV show, or more images. I am a fan of the show so I know all about it, but it may help for people who are not as familiar to become more interested. I think overall this is a really interesting website and conversion from an essay.

    • Scott says:

      Here are my comments on your essay:
      First paragraph “The formatting of a essay” make sure you change to “an essay”. Perhaps consider giving specific examples of how you changed the formatting or how you selected different images. What was your thought process behind your choices? Also italicize The Walking Dead throughout the essay because it is the name of a TV show.

      Second paragraph you write, “Different pages that had different grammar aspects I wanted to talk about…” This is slightly awkward phrasing. Consider revising.

      Also consider posting an image of your wireframe, even if not the best image :). I didn’t do it for my draft of the essay either, but I plan to include the wireframe when I finally post my essay to my website. You write “By that I mean simply analyze it as a website.” Consider changing to “He was able to analyze it as a website.” Or something in that vein. You end the second paragraph with a strong point and good quote from Redish in the next paragraph.

      The fifth paragraph you write, “Granted this is a WordPress website…” What do you mean by that? What are the implications of using something like WordPress to create a website?

      Overall this is a good start on your essay. Maybe add in something about Krug’s text that helped you with usability testing.

      These are my comments on your portfolio website:
      Looks pretty good. I think you could benefit from having a drop-down menu for assignments we had multiple versions of. When I went to your “Usability/Text-To-Hypertext” page from the link on our group, I started reading Part One when I was looking for Part Two. Because you have more than one part on the page, it becomes a little cluttered. Same thing goes for the “Semester of Social Media Project” page, I think it would be good to separate each progress report and the reflective essay to different pages to allow the user to go straight to a topic rather than scrolling for it. Hopefully that makes sense. Good stuff. A little more organizing could help though.

      • swilso93 says:

        Thank you for your insights! I really want to add drop down menus I just cannot figure out how in the slightest. I can’t find anything about it in their help section either. I was thinking some of the same things you were so thank you for that.

        • Scott says:

          Ok, maybe I can help. Go to your site and click the Edit button in the bottom right corner. Then at the very top of the page, right below where it says “My Sites” there is a button you can press that says “<- Back" click that. Then in the left menu bar underneath the "Personalize" heading is a "Menu" button, click that. Then you should be able to see all of your pages on the right side. You can move the pages to be "children" of the "parent" pages, such as "Progress Report 1" would be the first children page under the parent "Semester of Social Media" page, "Progress Report 2" would be the second children page under that parent page, and so on. It can be a little confusing at first. I hope this helps.

    • Steve Krause says:

      I think you have some really good comments here already, Samantha. There are two things that I’d add in general terms about your web site for The Walking Dead. First, I think you need a bit more detail about why you’re doing this in the first place– you do that some on the home page, I’m just suggesting a few more details. Second, there are a lot of little things to look for. For example, can you make the menu at the top work so it is all one line?

      As for your 444 web site: you should have some sort of static homepage that introduces you and the site rather than beginning with the stuff about usability. I like that you have the instagram link, but maybe you can have a picture of yourself so someone who comes across this would know who it is. I’m also all for trying to have a custom header image– it makes your layout a little less generic.

    • Marianne says:

      Hi, Sam. I like your Walking Dead website.
      There are a few things I would suggest for your site, which is really nice overall.
      First, I think you should give more of an introduction on the home page. I mean by that, an intro to what the style remake project purpose was. While I know (because I am in that class right now) I don’t know if anyone who hasn’t taken the class would understand what it was about. Also, you didn’t mention Strunk & White or Williams so the reader doesn’t have a clue that the usage rules are based on the rules in those books.
      I remember learning from Prof. Benninghoff how we need to give a brief contextualization before presenting a portfolio piece to people. You do a good job of telling the reader what the show is about but you don’t really give them a good idea of what the assignment goals or purpose were. Adding that in would help give context to the website. Giving a summary of the purpose of this assignment right after would add context to the site, too.
      I think you should also mention that the menu headings have pages in dropdown menus. I kind of missed that at first, too.
      I think it may be helpful to put a short paragraph at the start of each page explaining what the concept is for that page. For example, “Elementary Principles of Composition” page. Before starting the rules and their examples, have a short paragraph where you say what you mean by principles of composition, and the same for the other pages that have the rules.
      I also noticed there are no quotes in the rules or citations to pages, etc. I’m not sure if there should be any cites since it’s a website but I think quotes would be appropriate.
      I noticed on the “Words and Expressions Commonly Misued” page that the heading “correct version” came before the sentence that was the wrong version just below the and/or listing. Easy fix there.
      I think on this same page you may want to put a horizontal line or some symbols or something between the different rules so it is easier to tell where the test is separated. Or maybe numbering the rules or putting the explanations on the same line with the rules. I got confused about when one ended and another started a few times.
      I think adding some photos here and there would help break up the pages somewhat and make it seem less text-heavy.
      It may also be a good idea to put a link at the bottom of the pages to go back to the top of the page. I found myself wanting to do that.
      I like that you have a works cited page, but I didn’t notice quotes on the pages. Did I miss it? It’s been a long semester 🙂
      Again, great job. I think it’s a good site.

    • Marianne says:

      Review of your Portfolio Website and your Text to Hypertext reflection essay

      Essay Review:
      I think you did a great job in your reflection essay and only noticed some minor spelling type problems. Just proofread good (I think hypertext is one word) for spelling and double check your punctuation. You incorporated the books very nicely and cited them so that part was fine.

      444 Portfolio Website Review:
      The most noticeable thing about your portfolio is that you can’t really tell who’s portfolio it is. I would definitely add your name to the title or subtitle and include some sort of personalized background image for the header. Pixabay.com has tons of free photos if you don’t have stuff you can use, or you can get images from Wikimedia Commons, too.
      I think it would be beneficial to have a homepage that is not part of the assignments for the class. You could give information about you, your major and minor, when you will be done, attach a link to your resume and LinkedIn Profile, career goals, etc. This would also help identify the site as yours. I didn’t realize that there was stuff at the bottom that was about you until I was almost done looking at the site.
      The other social media links work but the one for Instagram doesn’t. Also, you mention Tumblr and Flickr in your social media projects but those are not listed on here. That is another thing you can include in a homepage or about me page.
      I just clicked on the “samanthawilson9230” link under your picture at the bottom and it took me to your gravatar page but you don’t have much of a profile there. You may want to remove the link or complete your profile.
      I clicked on the “Samantha Wilson <3" link under "Personal Links" at the bottom and it took me to your blog for WRTG328w. This is a good example of your writing but it is kind of confusing to be taken to a different site out of context from this site. If you create an "About" page, you can introduce the blog and link it there so people will have an idea what that is all about.
      You may want to remove your Goodreads feed from the footer if you want to use this site for a professional portfolio. Also the Twitter feed. Both of those contain personal info that is not really relevant to your degree.
      It might be a good idea to have a page where you explain your other blogs or portfolios that you have linked in the sidebar navigation. Or maybe do that but also attach writing assignments from the other classes you've had with short contextual explanations of what the goal of the writings were.
      That's about all I can think of to add or change on your site. You did a good job linking your projects for the class and the menu is very organized for those.

    • Debra says:

      Here are my thoughts on your 444 portfolio website. I like the clean look of everything, and enjoyed your widgets at the bottom of the home page. Although it was probably good practice to add your Instagram widget over to the right, it might not be the right platform for a portfolio site, since it seems to be primarily personal photos. (They are super cute, though!) Looks like all your other components are nicely included.

  2. Scott says:

    Hello everyone,

    This is the link to my Text to Hypertext Project website: ghostinthemachine-sblack.weebly.com

    I would like you to see if you can tell me if you understand the concept of agency that I introduce and if you understand the difference of the two perspectives of agency. Also, let me know if you find an easy of flow throughout the website because this is important to me and I really want it to stand out.

    Here is the link to my reflection essay on the project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zc0UkVWIWh15GYG9KJsnDxoc_9-Fo-Ka39oDJL5PhK0/edit

    It is a Google Doc for now and I am currently working on it. Though it is not finished it should give you a brief background of the process I went through with this project. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

      • swilso93 says:

        Your portfolio is very nice. I love the set up. I also love that the pictures change as you click each page. I wasn’t sure about having links on each page to the content; I would maybe put the essay right on the websites page. Or maybe an excerpt of it on the website? You about section is very unique and different! I was not expecting that! Loved it. You should also allow comments on each page.

      • swilso93 says:

        Your website is awesome! I love the detail and the design. So unique. I honestly couldn’t find much wrong at all. It’s pretty great. There was so much information. Maybe cut down on some of the text?

    • Debra says:

      Scott — my thoughts on your text-to-hypertext website:

      I love the strong imagery. I know Redish would advise against white text on a dark background, but since you didn’t do ALL of the text that way, I think you can get away with it. I found it very compelling, and I love the simplicity of the navigation at the top.

      My favorite two sections were Agency and Contact. On Agency, I liked how you changed to the white background, and the images helped break up all the text. I expected Contact to be predictable – and it wasn’t! Wow, how cool to have your face there!

      Lastly, because the website was compelling, I did scroll to the bottom – and there was your “Next” navigation. That was a great way to move me along to the next tab. After two sections, I had the feeling I was moving along a path of storytelling. Excellent technique!

      I really don’t have many criticisms, but here are a few thoughts.

      1. Did you try bolding the white text on the black background, to make the characters a little less broken up?
      2. On the Implications page, there is a lot of white text on black, which is hard on the eyes. Perhaps a different color treatment, or less text?
      3. In the spots where you quote an article, it might be nice to link to the actual article in case the viewer wants to see the original.
      4. In Agency, the question “Do robot writer’s have agency?” – should just be “writers” plural, not possessive.

      Great job! If Weebly is this good, then I will definitely try it for my next website.

    • Steve Krause says:

      I think this is really good work, Scott. The web site itself is really well done, and I think it’s interesting to see this transformation (this was the essay you wrote for 505 last year, wasn’t it?) It works really well online, especially with the elements you’ve added. I am thinking quite seriously about more or less assigning this in a class I’m teaching in the winter, critical digital literacies, where I’m thinking that we’ll be having a discussion about things like fake news and robot-written texts. I haven’t decided yet. I have a few minor quibbles– I think Deb has a good idea about bolding the text against the black– but that’s about it.

      As for your portfolio page: I think it’s pretty good, though I have two suggestions. First, you might want to see if you can organize your pages menu a bit more cleanly– I think it could be clearer, basically. Second– and I realize this is minor stuff– I’m not that crazy of the picture of yourself there. Don’t ask me why about that, and if you want to ignore that, feel free. I think I like the picture that’s a part of your wordpress account better. But again, that might just be me.

    • Marianne says:

      Scott, I love your website. Your graphics are awesome — you do great work in that department. My favorite was the robot and human hand reaching out to each other — a little Sistine vibes going on there ~ and apropos to the subject. The evolving ape/man/robot closely followed that one. Again, great job.
      I would suggest as a possible change is to maybe make the body text a few points bigger. Like on the Agency page, the size of the white text at the top is about the size I like. It’s big enough to be comfortable without being too big. The body text in black (below that section) isn’t hard to read or anything, but you do have to try a little harder to read it than the larger size above. And on the Extras page, I think the white text works well, but if it were a little bigger like the white text on the page before, it would be much easier to read.
      Radiohead/”Fake Plastic Trees” section at the end of the last sentence you have a typo–prcision.
      On the “Arguments” page, the middle button labeled “Automated insights” does not work.
      in the same section under the two piano recitals, the text “Then can we call robot writing creative?”
      seems like it may sound better if you say: “If so, should we call robotic writing ‘creative’?”
      Under the Robot Poetry section: (a few suggested additions)
      You have
      Accidentally? It seems like a robot writer would need a command to produce something like poetry. Does it? Is this then an example of a robot being creative?​
      I think it flows better if you expand a little.
      … Does it work autonomously or on command? Is this, then, an example…
      If you leave it, check to make sure there is no extra space before the “?” after “Does it”
      The “share your ideas” button didn’t work correctly. I’m not sure if you thought it did or not.
      The only page that didn’t really do anything for me is the works cited page (they never do). The graphic at the top didn’t really speak to me or tell me anything. Also, the url addresses are so long and obnoxious. You can go to bit.ly and set up an account and use it to shorten all those URLs to small unobtrusive ones. The good thing about bit.ly links is that the app keeps track of how many people click on the link so you can go to your account and see just how many people clicked a link on a page.
      On your “contact” page you say, “This site is based off of my essay…”
      I think this should be “based on” rather than “off”.
      Other ways to say this are: “This site is based on…” or “The content of this site is based on my essay…” or “This website is based on an essay called “xxx” I wrote for xxx class in spring 2016, which is linked here.” You may also want to mention the goals of the paper or the instructions for writing it. Not necessary but it helps to contextualize the origin of the topic.
      As far as color scheme/theme for the look of the site, I like the black and white and your vector graphics work great to dress up what could have been a boring setting. On the Arguments and the Implications pages there are sections that are greenish blue. I think those should be the same color for consistency, since they are the only pages with colors like that.
      All your background graphics are great except for one — the lights behind What Exactly is Robot Journalism just seems out of place somehow, although I can’t think of what you can do to make it better — oh, how about a photo of that device Thomas Jefferson used to write letters where it held a pencil and wrote a copy of a letter he wrote? Here’s a link to info on it. https://www.monticello.org/site/house-and-gardens/polygraph
      That’s all I’ve got for ideas in that area.
      Under the “More” menu heading, all you have is a contact page. How about including other websites you’ve created on another page in that section, or make the “more” tab a page with links to those? I think you had them on your portfolio site.
      On the home page, I think you can probably take out the WRTG444 under your name. Also, it would look nice to have your name directly under the ghost image, and include “By” before it.
      Lastly, isn’t the “Ghosts in the Machine” reference taken from that movie with Will Smith that’s set in the future where the robot “Sonny” killed his maker at his own request? I can’t remember the name of the movie but I remember that phrase. You may want to make a note of it on the citations page (I’m not sure if it’s necessary or not.) Or maybe even get a clip from the movie and include it where you are talking about the ghosts in the machine.
      Whatever you decide to do, this is an awesome website with engaging graphics and interesting topics. Stellar job, even without doing any of the suggestions I made above.

    • Debra says:

      Hi Scott — Just looked at your 444 portfolio site. Very clean and simple structure, and the menu bar in the upper right was cool. I also really liked the images on each page, although the bugs startled me at first! But your treatment on that page was very creative. Great job.

  3. Debra says:

    I’m open to any thoughts and advice. Fresh eyes are the best eyes :))

    Here are my links:

    Usability Reflective Essay

    Text to Hypertext website:

    WRTG444 Portfolio website:

      • swilso93 says:


        I left comments on your google doc of your reflection for you to see. But great job so far!

        Your hyper text website is really great. You have some wonderful images on the homepage. Set the expectation that the website is fun and interesting! I loved the images for each member of the group; really looked professional. I would say that some of your pages have quite a bit of text; maybe you could cut down on some. I would also include a Works Cited page or section somewhere in it; to be on the safe side.

        I will do a second comment for your portfolio in a moment.

        • swilso93 says:

          Your portfolio is very nice. Looks very professional. But I would say your homepage is a bit bland and could use some detail. Something about you could be written here. I think you could use some widgets too; just to give it a bit of personal touch. Overall, great work!

    • Scott says:

      Here are my comments for your website:
      Debra, this is a well done website. The homepage was inviting. Originally, I thought you were somehow involved in the Global Drum Project. I experienced your website by first playing the video and browsing the rest of the site while the music and musicians played. For me it was quite effective to experience the music while exploring more information.

      On the “History of Project” page I had a little difficulty reading the orange italicized text. I found myself squinting. You may consider making the text larger or somehow easier to read. Also I’m not sure how the ellipsis (…) are working for the timeline. Maybe consider revising as bullet lists.

      On the “Musicians” page the text wrapped around some of the images is somewhat visually distracting. Consider putting the entire photo credit below the images.

      On the “Musicology” page I really like how you have the text broken up below the headings. It really allows ease of flow throughout the page when gathering up the information.

      Overall, nice job transforming your essay into a website. I think it works well especially for the topic, being one in which the sound should be experienced along with the text. Nice work.

    • Scott says:

      Here are my comments on your portfolio:
      You could benefit from having a short introduction of the class and reason for creating this website on the homepage. Also Prof. Krause suggested that we add a picture of ourselves to our sites so consider doing that. Overall you have good organization to your website, not too complicated, and straightforward which is helpful to me. I liked being able to see your entire wireframe. Good job.

      My comments on your reflective essay are in the Google Doc.

    • Steve Krause says:

      I think you already got some good feedback from your peers here, Deb. I like the Global Drums Project web site quite a bit– I think you do a nice job of re-presenting your original text in a clear way that works well on the web. I was a little confused in the essay though when you were writing about the two tasks your users couldn’t perform that you learned from your usability testing– I think you should explain that more. And as someone already pointed out, you don’t need to discuss the first part of the usability testing with the English department site in this essay. Also– and this is true for pretty much everyone– you ought to do something on your site to indicate where these images are from, either by citing them on a works cited page, including a link to them, or directly linking to them.

      I think your 444 portfolio is pretty slick and clean, but it could use just a little bit more in terms of a bio– I’m a student at EMU, for example– and maybe some links to things you’re interested in?

    • Marianne says:

      Hi, Deb. I made the comments for your reflection essay right in the google doc.

      I did comments on your portfolio and your text to hypertext project on a google doc.
      Link for portfolio review comments: https://docs.google.com/a/emich.edu/document/d/1Pr5kgd5IpiITGFqO8Uo0o26i7RPObx7pKctw_AYOIFY/edit?usp=sharing

      Link for the Global Drum website review: (You should get an invitation for this one)

      Great work.

  4. swilso93 says:

    Oh crap I forgot my link to my portfolio! Any feedback is great on it. And if anyone could tell me how to make drop down menus on your pages, I would love you forever! Haha. Thanks.


  5. Marianne says:

    Hi, everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t post this here. I have to say I was really confused on where to post what, so I just emailed you all this info.
    Anyway, the url for the website I created for the text to hypertext project is http://thecontroversialredcross.weebly.com

    The link to my final reflection on my portfolio site is:
    I also haven’t finished the site for my project, which has been a bit of a nightmare 🙂
    The feedback I would like is whether or not all the links and the buttons work properly,
    proofreading for typos, etc,
    whether all the pages fit into the color scheme
    The overall look of all the pages are similar.
    There is one page that has a gallery of photos that should be checked to ensure it works right,
    there is a Youtube video on one page that should be checked for working right,
    and there is one page that has several tabs, like in an index card file, that should be checked for working correctly.
    I think that is all that I am looking for.

    For my portfolio site review, I just want to be sure that you keep in mind that even though I am a technical writing major, my minor is graphic communications. I have tried to make it a bit more image oriented for that reason. With that in mind, whatever feedback you can give me is great.
    Thanks so much for your help. Marianne

    • Debra says:

      Hi Marianne — Some quick thoughts about your reflection paper.

      Good job recapping all your experiences. I would just recommend that you trim some of the narrative — we may not need to know every little step. Then remember that we need to relate our experiences to our readings. Kudos for trying Weebly! WordPress was pretty new to me, and I ran into problems along the way too. Good job :))

    • Debra says:

      Just looked at the website. I like how it is laid out. I would recommend that you not use the actual Red Cross logo on the top banner — it would be better to use it as a side graphic so that it doesn’t look like an official website.

      The Controversies aren’t working yet, but I like the layout of that page. The photo gallery did work for me. On the Works page, I think the light gray text is really hard to read — perhaps black would be okay. Overall, nice job.

    • Scott says:

      Here are my comments on your Text to Hypertext website:
      This is an interesting topic, one I think works well as a website. On the “Introduction” under the heading “What could be Controversial about humanitarian aid?” consider making the word controversial lowercase. Other than that I didn’t see any typos. Also you should probably combine the text as a paragraph or a bullet list, because it looks like the lines are offset. It may help to choose only two font colors, because for me the black, red, and gray was a little distracting. Maybe it is just me.

      I think it would help if you combined a few of your pages. For instance the “Knowledge survey” and the “Survey Results” pages could be combined on one page under different titles. It seems that the information would work best if put together so the site users don’t have to go far or search elsewhere for the information.

      The video seemed to work for me. I thought it was a good fit on the page.

      I think overall you have a good start. There is a lot of information you have on the site. It may be to your benefit to simplify some of the pages by combining them into related information. Personally, I don’t think it hurts to have a lot of text/information on a page as long as it is well organized (which I think you can do).

    • Steve Krause says:

      I think you have some good advice from folks in your group here so far, Marianne. I think you are perhaps making it more complicated than necessary with the number of pages and such, for example. It’s a shame too about the survey taking so much time and being that frustrating because besides all that, I think the elements I was most engaged in as a reader was the text you write and things like the videos you included. I like your write-up about the project quite a bit– good details about your usability testers– though some more connection with the reading would be a good thing. And don’t forget about citing your sources for images and the like.

      As for your 444 portfolio: I think this is solid work. The one thing I would suggest is instead of having blog posts on your first/main page (after all, you only have two blog posts there), I’d suggest having a static page that provides some basic introduction and biographical information.

    • Scott says:

      I think your essay is good. I like how you have everything sectioned off so the reader has an idea of what is being discussed and what is next. I think you could benefit from sharing some specific examples. For instance under “Pre-Writing & Wireframe Testing” you could share exactly what you asked your test subject(s), what their responses were, and how that influenced you to make decisions about creating the website. Also you could discuss what you made Weebly particularly frustrating or easier to use along the way.

      I think you have some great stuff here and I think sharing specifics from your experience can make the reader better understand how the process was unique to you. By the way, you do a nice job of that in the “Second Usability Testing Results” section.

      For your portfolio:
      I think you have a pretty solid portfolio. It is organized well and looks complete. I would suggest composing a brief introduction of the class and who you are on your homepage so anyone visiting the site without knowing about the class can get a basic understanding of what the website is.

    • Debra says:

      Hi Marianne — Just looked at your 444 portfolio website. You did a great job of including lots of links. On the Home page, I would suggest changing the order of your two blogs. The second is a good overview of our experience, whereas the title “Are you lonely” of the blog in the first spot was disconcerting for me. I wasn’t expecting that topic to be the first thing I saw. Everything else was very nicely done.

  6. swilso93 says:

    Your website overall is nice. Don’t feel bad; I think it has been a nightmare for all of us. The works cited page should be in black or something darker colored font, it was a little hard to read as a gray color. I think it is a lot of red and white; it gets a little disorienting. Maybe try to splash in some different colors? The layout of the page is nice though overall. It also gets a little bland. Maybe try some more photos about the Redcross and some more videos.

  7. swilso93 says:

    Your reflection is quite good. It is very detailed and informative. Its interesting that you say Weebly was difficult. I decided not to go with Weebly because I was already having trouble with WordPress, hah. So seeing that you said that, makes me feel like I made the right choice. I agree with Debra that its a little too much narrative. Not every step needs to be included. Maybe just include what was the hardest and/or easiest part of the assignment for you. And as Debra said, don’t forget to connect your experiences to the readings and the two textbooks.

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