Text to Hypertext Peer Review, Group 2

Here’s the page for Text to Hypterxt Peer Review Group 2

Group 2: Andrew D., Jaclyn Y., Kyle J., Joan K., Zoe F.

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  1. Jaclyn Y says:

    Okay, so for my site, I do not have any instructions in particular. I’m debating on adding a video or something to one of my pages, so it would be beneficial to see if you guys can tell me if that would be helpful. I also would like to know if you found the map helpful at all?

    here is the WordPress site:

    • andrew says:

      I don’t see a place to comment on your WordPress page so I will offer comments here.

      I love the minimalistic design of your website. It is very clean and provides a lot of focus towards the images. I also kind of like how the nav bar was on the bottom. That was kind of unique.

      I wondered why the Home page scrolled. There was nothing to scroll to.

      When I see an About page, I usually go there to find out about the site itself or the organization that developed the site. Could you could name this section something different?

      Some of the pages had headings for the text but some did not. Also, maybe position the text on the page either consistently or in a way that makes sense if you want to change it up.

      The map was fine. Maybe it would help to have a map that was not interactive. The Google map kind of takes away from the tone you developed with the rest of the site.

      I am wondering if there is a way to move from one page to next in a way that develops the narrative, or lets the user know they are moving through a narrative.

      I like your overall design though. It was a pleasure to look at. Also a very interesting topic.

    • Joan Kwaske says:

      First off, I love the designs of your websites! You picked lovely themes. Your 444 Portfolio looks great, the only thing I would do is add a little more to your introduction. Other than that, I think it’s excellent.
      For the Hyper-Text project, I read your original text, and it’s a fascinating topic. In making it into a website though, I think you need more content. Use as much information from your original paper to fill the website, and maybe add more. If there are websites that discuss the Yurok and Karok tribes, you could reference those and provide links to them. Mainly, I think it just needs more text.
      Also, this is a random detail, but I would consider changing the font for your titles. (It’s a tiny detail, but I think it could make an a big difference.)
      Overall, this is a great start, just make sure there’s plenty of content on the pages. I look forward to seeing what you add!

    • totallykyle94 says:

      Overall I liked the topic for your website, it was something I had not previously learned about, so I was intrigued from the beginning, especially because of what the dance is called.

      As Andrew said, you should take out the scroll feature on the home page, or add something to scroll to (a picture, some more text, etc.) although that’s obviously all up to your preference.

      The images you used fit the tone of your topic perfectly, the only way improvement I can think of for that aspect would be possibly adding archival photos of people performing the dance.

      It may also be interesting to see if the culture surrounding this dance is still relevant today, if anyone still practices it, etc.

      I liked the inclusion of the map because it shows us the specific areas where the dance was performed, any changes to it are totally up to you.

      Lastly, your grammar in the “How The Dance Was Performed” section is a little spotty, so my advice would be to proof read that some more, but this should be an easy fix.

      Overall, I liked the design and topic of you website, this was a unique idea and I was happy to look through it, nice job!

    • ZoeBelle says:


      I really love your themes for both your hypertext website and your wrtg 444 portfolio. They’re simple and aesthetically pleasing, and they seem to merge well with the content on each site. I really liked the idea of having a map on that page, however I have to agree with Andrew that the google map takes away from the tone of the website. A picture of a map would look better. One suggestion I would make is to include the actual name of the dance on more pages. It was a weird thing that I noticed but you refer to it as “the dance” on every single page other than the home page. I read your entire site in order and at the end I was thinking “Wait, what dance is this again?”
      I don’t think I have any suggestions for your wrtg 444 portfolio. It’s easy to navigate through and looks great!
      Great work!

    • Steve Krause says:

      I like the minimalist design too, but I think this is too minimalist. The article that you shared with me at the beginning of the term had quite a bit more text– see https://archive.org/stream/jstor-533986/533986_djvu.txt — and I was expecting to see a lot more of that here. In other words, while I am not saying you have to reproduce all of the article as a part of your web site, you need to give us a lot more than you’ve given us here.

      I also think you need some basic context as a part of your web site. For example, you never really explain where this text comes from, other than a reference to it being “a very dated article.” Tell us more about how you selected this. Video would be good, too– especially if you can find video evidence about this dance as it was discussed in the text you selected.

      As for your 444 portfolio: I think you do a pretty good job here with this. You need to include a link to this project in your menu for the Usability/Text-to-hypertext project, but other than that, I think the organization and information is solid.

  2. andrew says:

    What I am interested in knowing about my website as well as a link to the website itself can be found at here:


    • Joan Kwaske says:

      I really love your 444 Portfolio. Your use of menus really tidies everything up! I was wondering- do you have your Codecademy reflection uploaded yet? You have a link to your project, but the essay isn’t there. Everything else looks great!
      As to your Hyper-Text project, that site might be even better. The navigational buttons is a great addition! (Actually, how do you insert buttons? I had tried to figure that out, but eventually settled to just link the next page through text.) I definitely think that linking parts of the theory worked really well.
      The content itself is extremely powerful. For instance, on the Nonhumans and Emotions page, placing the image of laughing soldiers next to the “Why did you kill my family?” photo makes a striking statement. Also, as I was reading the “More to Think About” page, I watched the slideshow from the corner of my eye, and the use of the photo from the “Home” page struck me as well. This use of nontext elements was incredible.
      Overall, I think this is an excellent project. The only thing you might want to consider is how the text looks on that background. You could increase the text size or choose a different photo. Great work!

    • totallykyle94 says:


      To answer your question of how well your topic theme carried over from your essay to your website, I think it translated perfectly fine, your point was clear, and the only thing I can think of that would have gotten “lost in translation” would be other points that you made in your essay, but that’s not a problem because the text-to-hypertext projects are not meant to include everything from the source material.

      My minor is philosophy, so I may have had an advantage in this way of having some prior knowledge about the website’s content, but I think someone reading this website with no knowledge of your topic can still get a clear understanding of it. You demonstrated the ANT theory well, and tied it into your website’s content effectively. The links back to the page with the explanation of that theory were a nice touch.

      I cannot think of any suggestions for you at the moment, but obviously, make changes if you feel it necessary, great job!

    • Jaclyn Y says:

      I like the design for your hypertext project! and the topic is very interesting as well. I will say that from a design perspective, you might want to think about maybe trying to add a black outline around the white letters, or pick a different color because it matched the lighter part of the image and made it semi difficult to read unless the words were in a perfect position on the blue part of the background.

      The design for your WordPress site is great! Good job!

    • Steve Krause says:

      I think you’ve gotten some good feedback from your peers here already, Andrew. Your site is effective and interesting, though I do have two minor suggestions. I think you could probably use a little more text from your original essay to explain this a bit more. The other thing– and not a big deal, but something you should try to do– is to cite your images.

      As for your 444 portfolio: I like it a lot as it is! The only thing you might want to do (and this is a minor quibble) is make it so your first page doesn’t have a place to comment, if that makes sense.

  3. totallykyle94 says:

    here is a link to my site for this project: https://kyleshypertextproject.wordpress.com/

    • andrew says:

      I don’t see a place to comment on your site so I will do that here.

      I like the topic of your website. It is interesting and I found that I wanted to move forward in the site to learn more.

      I think there is more that can be done with the links on the page. A lot of places the hyperlinks to outside sources said something like, “Here is a link to…” There were other places where you created a hyperlink within the context of the page. I think the second way is the better of the way. This creates a more organic experience with your text. But maybe be careful there. On the Tattoo page you hyperlinked the word “all.” This doesn’t make all that much sense.

      Overall I love how you provide all the links on this page though. It creates a nice network of information. I wish I would have set my site up to have more links.

      One other thing. I kind of felt the “Search” function was unnecessary. In a site that is this small, I am not sure if I need to search for information. It may take away from space you could use for more images or text.

      Nice work though!

    • Joan Kwaske says:

      First, I think we’re supposed to peer review our portfolios and Hyper-Text projects, so if you want to add a link to your portfolio, I’d love to check it out.
      In regards to the Hyper-Text project, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to explain the project or if that matters either way- it just seemed odd to say it on the Home and About pages. Instead, I would introduce your topic and maybe use the About page to introduce yourself.
      I really liked the links you provided on the Cave Paintings page! The video was especially insightful. I would add some more content though, maybe a paragraph?
      Going through to the end of the site, I feel the same way about your other pages as well. Really great use of external sources, but I would like to read more of your own information. Two or three paragraphs on each page would make the site perfect.
      Overall, I really enjoyed going through the site!

    • ZoeBelle says:


      I liked the topic of your website a lot and I thought the theme you chose merged perfectly with your topic. I don’t think you needed to mention the wrtg 444 project on both the home and about page. It takes away too much from the actual content and topic of the site. I also think you could add a lot more information on each of your pages. I was really interested and wanted to know more about your topic!
      Good work!

    • Jaclyn Y says:

      I feel like this was a paper for Writing, Style, and Technology. Either way, I liked the pictures you used on your project, as they were cool and they showed off what you were talking about. One thing I will say is that you might want to get rid of the text widget on the side if you can or add something else to it so that it does not look like the website is totally incomplete.

      The links were a good addition to your website. I will have to consider adding links to my own website.

      Good job!

  4. ZoeBelle says:

    Here is the link on my portfolio with information about my website and the actual link to my website. I have the comments section open on this page as well in case you would like to include the feedback there.

    • Joan Kwaske says:

      Your 444 Portfolio is really well organized! The only suggestion I have for it is to put something short on the first page of the menus; like when you click on “Semester of Social Media,” that page is blank. A sentence of introduction might help, but I think even a button or link to the first part of the SSM could suffice.
      As for the Hyper-Text website, you covered a topic I didn’t know existed. The interview was a really interesting read, but because the majority of the content was from the interview, the site overall did seem a bit bare. I think there was information you could expand on from the interview in another page. For instance, the history of Noise could be fairly easy to find and write a little bit about. Maybe make a page or two about the most influential Noise bands with a couple paragraphs of background on them. That little amount of additional content could really tie it all together.
      On that note, I love that you have links to other websites! It really helps the material connect to outside sources. The design itself definitely fits your topic, so I wouldn’t change anything that way.
      Overall, I think you made some great choices with both websites, I would just add some more material to your Hyper-Text project. It’s a really interesting topic!

    • totallykyle94 says:

      I enjoyed your website/topic overall, and the Noise genre reminds me of this band called Death Grips that I love, if you know of them.

      I thought the wallpaper/background for the homepage was cool, and it fit the tone of your topic nicely.

      I was going to say that you should provide a link to an example of a Noise song, but you did so on the last page, which I scrolled through, and saw a lot of music to check out.

      I can’t really think of any suggestions, but obviously, make any changes that you feel necessary. nice work!

    • Jaclyn Y says:

      Wow! This was really cool! I had heard of the noise genre but never got into it as much, so this was neat to read!

      From a design standpoint, this is pretty perfect. The layout and color scheme fits the topic perfectly, and you just happened to pick my personal favorite font because it is super easy to read.

      I would recommend adding either a youtube video or embedding a song into the website to give an example of what the noise genre sounds like. Maybe in the “What is Noise?” section? That might be helpful to anyone who is new to the genre.

      Great job!!

    • andrew says:


      I think you did a good job of capturing the feeling of the music with the images you provided. This is a genre of music I did not know existed so it was interesting. In my curiosity I found lowercase, drone, and freeform jazz. Interesting.

      I agree that the homepage should maybe have a little additional content. I was left to guess where I needed to go next so I started with the next tab in the nav bar.

      In the interview, the questions are all underlined. I tried to click on them cause this made me think they were links.

      The interview is not so much an interview. You are reporting what Caleb said instead of quoting him. This is fine, but I think it would be possible to turn the content into separate pages because of this. I know this would be a lot of work so do what feels reasonable. But perhaps each question would benefit from a page that would capture what was talked about.

      I think more images would be beneficial through the website as well.

      This was an interesting topic. I was glad to learn something new and did a lot of YouTubing as a result.

    • Steve Krause says:

      I think you have some good feedback from your peers here because they are saying a lot of what I was going to suggest too. I like the general direction of your text to hypertext page, but I think it’s a little too stark. I think in defining the “what is noise” page, there’s a lot of opportunity there for more explanation and more connection out there. This could be as basic as linking to stuff on wikipedia and other sites. There’s a good chance for embedding or linking to sound samples, and I have to assume there’s a way for your boyfriend to share some of that. Images of performances also come to mind. So again, think in terms of taking advantage of the medium more– you can connect to these things, so you should.

      As for the issue of having to pay for stuff: go search on YouTube. I actually found a couple videos to things that you reference here. Those are easy to link to or embed on your site.

      In terms of your portfolio: It’s pretty good, although a little basic too. I agree with the suggestion that Joan had here about putting more of something on your first page as a way of introduction rather than the list of links you have there. In some ways, your “about” page would probably work better here.

  5. Joan Kwaske says:

    Here’s the link to my Hyper-Text Project:
    It’s definitely a work in progress, so if you don’t get to it until a bit later, I certainly won’t be upset!
    For this peer review, I would really appreciate suggestions for different themes. As much as I try to find one that’s professional, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s been difficult. For some reason, the one I have right now doesn’t have the tabs at the top, despite showing it in the preview? Anyway, all suggestions are welcome!
    Additionally, please feel free to write down anything you notice. I’m not bothered by having “too many” comments/things to fix. (Really, the more specific, the better.) Thanks in advance!
    I look forward to reading everyone’s websites!

    • Joan Kwaske says:

      Also, here’s the link to my 444 Portfolio:

    • ZoeBelle says:


      I thought your hypertext website looked great. It flowed very nicely and you made great use of the pages. I might suggest taking the navigation bar out from the right side on the page and just leave the horizontal one on top as the only navigation bar. I think the second navigation bar makes the page just a bit too cluttered. Other than that, everything looks great!
      As for your wrtg 444 portfolio, I would consider grouping up some of your pages and just creating subpages for them. For example, all of your progress reports could become subpages for the “social media project” page. It would make your portfolio look less cluttered as well as easier to navigate through.
      Great work!

    • Jaclyn Y says:

      I agree with Zoe when she said that the side navigation bar is a little unnecessary and it does make the site look a bit cluttered. The nav bar at the top is showing up fine on my screen. It was great how easy it was to find everything that someone might be looking for.

      One suggestion I will make is that the “Citations” page is a bit unnecessary because the only citation you used was the Sapiens website that you already linked the reader to in the “About Sapiens Plurum” section of the website, so the “Citations” page does not really add anything.

      Other than that, both sites look great!

    • andrew says:


      I think you took on quite a project with this website. You have a lot of ground to cover. Maybe for the sake of the project it would be beneficial to not worry about the annotated sections and be content with the process section? I don’t know.

      I agree about the sidebar navigation. It takes a lot of room up. Maybe at the bottom of each page you could provide a link to the next section.

      I wonder if it would be beneficial to have you final story first. Then you could move backwards through the process. It may help to provide a reference to the content as we move through it. That is your call though.

      I think the site would benefit from the use of images. It is almost exclusively text.

      Themes are tough. I think yours is pretty well matched to the content. Overall I enjoyed reading about your writing experience.

    • Steve Krause says:

      As you said, this is a lot in the “work in progress” category of things, so it makes it a little tricky to give you a lot of feedback here. I agree with your peers that you probably only need toe menu at the top and not also the one on the side. This approach to the process of writing this story is interesting, though I have to say that part of what I was thinking with re-presenting this as a hypertext is what kind of elements could you include on the web that you couldn’t include on the page? That is, links, images, sounds, videos, etc. This isn’t to say you did it wrong, it’s just that it’s a lot different than I was imagining.

      As for your portfolio: Really good work, though I have two suggestions. First, make that first “post” a “page” and then make that the static page on your site. This is the whole discussion we’ve had about pages versus posts, about using wordpress not as a blog but as a portfolio tool. And while I am glad you make it clear that you are “the girl on the right,” it’d probably be a little less confusing to readers who don’t recognize you to have a picture of just you. 😉

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