Type to Hypertext Peer Review, Group 4

This is the page for the Hypertext Peer Review for Group 4:

Group 4: Ja’La W., Renee G., ย Louise B., Hania M.

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  1. ReneeG says:

    Here is the link to my hypertext essay:


    I am aware that this is very rough and needs a lot added to it, but any comments on what I have so far would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Link to my hypertext website:


    Link to my Portfolio:


    • jjwourman says:


      I’ve made comments on your essay so when you have time please take a look. Overall you are headed in the right direction. My only suggestions were to make connections to the class I believe.

      I love what you have done with your text-to-hypertext website! It really looks like an actual website created by a business. The articles / video tab are what really make this website work. Keep adding to it and possibly think of something to put on the right side bar.

      There are a few suggestions I have for your portfolio that I think will make it work even better. Consider including a homepage that is solely a picture of you with an introduction about who you are/what the portfolio is for/what you do. Currently, you have the people.emich link on the homepage which should be in the top header menu.

      My only other suggestions for your portfolio would be to think of what you might want to include on your right sidebar.

    • Steve Krause says:

      I can’t give you too much detail in the way of feedback here because, as you point out, this is still very much a draft at this point. I think the essay in particular is fine, but there are two things you need to do for sure based on what I’m reading. First, these should be pages and not posts. I’ve talked about this several times before already; in the nutshell though, we’re using wordpress as a way of making a portfolio where you can present static pages and not as a “blog.” So you should fix that with your project. I also think that you need to do more than you’ve done here so far to contextualize this a little If a reader came across this on the net out of the blue, what would you want them to know? How could you help them navigate the site?

      As for your portfolio: I think it’s pretty solid, but two suggestions. First, again remember pages versus posts. Instead of introducing your site with posts, I’d encourage you to introduce with a static page. Second, give us a little more bio to go off of here– what is this site for, etc.

    • haniam1315 says:

      Hi Renee,

      I’ll just comment on all three things here.

      The essay: I think this is a great start. You have a good walk-through of your thought process, as well as how you went about actually doing the project. I think the only thing you might want is a bit more explanation here and there of different parts of the project as you came across them, for someone who might not be in this class or already know about the project (I have to add this to mine too!).

      The website: I actually really like the setup for this website, but for the sake of this assignment, I feel like the pages might make it a little easier. Though I can see why you would do the blog instead, because it does seem to work well with your essay. Other than that, I really do like how you’ve arranged it. It’s different, and I love that!

      The portfolio: Your portfolio looks pretty good so far! I think for the most part you have everything organized and put together, so it looks great. The only thing I would want to add is some visuals. I think it would be a good idea to have pictures either as a banner or something like that, only because it would be a bit more eye-catching. Otherwise, it looks great!

    • LouiseWrites says:

      Hello! I really like the layout of your website. I am a little confused though as to the two different menues that cover the same content that are at the top of the page and under the title of your website. Also, I think that your About should be your home page because it would be easier if I didn’t have to search before learning what your page is about. I really like your contact page, it’s something I didn’t think about. Overall, your page looks very professional and the colors scheme and layout is clean and functional. Good job!

  2. LouiseWrites says:

    Hello All! Here we go….

    Link to Hypertext Project Website:

    Link to Hypertext Essay:
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1raRCPARYSetnX12OBYTC2gq2Ef5_yBOOQcFDGCnrJJI/edit?usp=sharing (still needs work)

    Link to Portfolio:

    P. S. : If anyone can help me figure out how to delete/replace the widgets on my WordPress sites I would be very grateful. For some reason whenever I hit “edit” on the page it crashes and doesn’t let me even go to the customizing part of WP…

    • jjwourman says:

      Hi Louise,

      I’ve just looked at all your links! I had trouble accessing your text-to-hypertext website so I’ll only be able to comment on your portfolio and essay.

      From what you have so far, the essay is off to a good start. I imagine you will include more details about your experiences creating your website and the challenges you encountered. When you do, make sure you link it back somehow to the class objectives, readings, ect.

      Your portfolio has the basics of what we need. I like the colors you choose and think they work well. Maybe adding a bright color/photo of yourself on the front will create an even better contrast. (don’t forget, we are required to have a photo of ourselves:)

      My only suggestion on the portfolio is, think about what you want on the right hand side, because as of now I think you just have the default widgets up.

    • jjwourman says:

      I just realized you asked for help deleting the widget lol. If you go to *customize theme* you should be able to delete and add widgets to any menu/sidebar.

    • haniam1315 says:

      Hi Louise,

      I also had an issue accessing both the project website and your portfolio (it takes me back to my own WordPress dashboard? I have no idea why), so I’ll only be able to comment on your essay.

      I think you’re off to a good start! I know you’re still working, but I like that you started off explaining your feelings going into the project. Going forward, I think you can add the mechanics of exactly what your process was while working through all of it, and also any inspiration you may have had. I think once you add a little more to this, it’ll flow nicely too. Keep at it!

    • haniam1315 says:

      Okay, I just realized I could look at your portfolio from the links on the side, so I got to look at it.

      I think your portfolio looks really good! I love the picture on the front, and your intro ๐Ÿ™‚ Your assignments all look really organized, and everything seems to be in place. All I would say is to just make sure that everything is finalized and all of your work is edited and everything. Otherwise, I think it looks great!

    • Steve Krause says:

      First off, the links to your web sites should be:




      The links you have here are to what you need to click on to edit them in wordpress.

      Second, there really isn’t enough done here for me to give you a lot of feedback. I like the image on the main page of your site and what’s there, but there is obviously a lot more to come. The same with the essay: there’s not really a lot I can offer in terms of feedback.

      As for the widget fixes: this is why I made myself available to meet with folks before Thanksgiving break to work on some of these technical issues (a couple of you took me up on that), and it’s why I’ve made myself available to meet in person or via Google hangouts too (others of you have taken me up on those options). So I guess what I’m saying is I wish you would have brought this up sooner, Louise. But in the meantime, check out https://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/text-widget/ I think there is some help for you there.

      As for your portfolio: I like the template you’ve found and I think it’s pretty well-organized, though it would be good if you could get in there and do the customization yourself to eliminate some of the original template’s widgets in the bottom of the home page for the site.

    • ReneeG says:

      Hi Louise!

      Sorry for the late comment – this week has been HECTIC!

      For your essay, I think that you are off to a really good start! You are definitely heading in the right direction. My suggestions are to go into a bit more detail and to also link back to the readings from class (something I have to do with mine as well.)

      For your portfolio, I also think that it looks nice. Everything is really well organized. Good job!

  3. jjwourman says:

    Links coming your way!

    I appreciate any and all feedback. My text-hypertext website is a work in progress and I still have some additional content to add to the pages, but I would like to know what you all think of the layout.


    For my portfolio, I just have a few things to tweak, so feel free to share what you think and offer any helpful suggestions.


    Reflective Essay text-hypertext (updated draft should be ready by Tuesday morning)


    • Steve Krause says:

      Pretty good work here, Ja’La. A couple of quick suggestions:

      * I think the web site is solid, but there are three minor things I’d recommend. First, you need a little more explanation as to what this site is about. All you have right now is the headline on the first page; maybe you need a full-blown “about” page where you explain things for readers who might stumble across this.

      * There are some other minor fixes. You should fix that “text widget” section in the right column, and I noticed that the “fundraising campaigns” page is a different layout.

      * You (and many of you, actually) should have some sort of works cited as a way of crediting where these images came from and the text came from.

      As for your portfolio: I think that’s totally spot-on as it is. I know you’ve done some revision along the way this semester, and I think where you have it right now is great.

    • haniam1315 says:

      Hi Ja’La,

      I’ll start with the Hypertext website: I absolutely love the layout. It looks very professional, and all of the pictures are also relevant. I know you still have some stuff to add to this, but I think it looks great so far. I’m guessing the little text widget at the bottom is going to be taken out? Unless you plan on doing something with it. Overall, it looks wonderful. Side note: your essay and research look amazing too!

      Your portfolio: I love it! Like the other website, it looks professional and organized, and you’ve clearly put the time and effort into making it very much your own. I like that your menu is on the side instead of on top, and that your homepage is your own intro. It’s a good thing to have right up front. I also really love the social media links on the side! The Twitter feed was a really good idea, given your major ๐Ÿ™‚ (P.S. I might have to steal that idea for myself!)

      Your essay: This was very thorough and well thought out. I like that you explained your idea behind the original essay you chose to use for the project as well. Your essay flows nicely as well, though I think you could add a little more to the conclusion to give it a nice close (given the nature of the essay, I can see why this would be hard to do, but you don’t need to worry about it much). Just make sure you give it a good spelling and grammar check, and you’ll be good to go. Great work!

    • ReneeG says:

      Hi Ja’La!

      Sorry for the late comment – this week has been HECTIC!

      I think you have everything coming together really nicely.

      For your website: I really like the vibe. It appears very professional, like Louise said. Everything flows well so far and I think you are definitely on the way to having a really great site.

      For your portfolio: I love it. It’s very visually appealing and well organized. I really don’t have anything to recommend, you’ve done a great job and have inspired me to definitely make some improvements to my own!

      For your essay: What you have so far is great and you are definitely heading in the right direction. I found it interesting to read through and everything so far flowed nicely together. I also think you did a nice job of explaining your original essay. Great job and keep up the awesome work!

    • LouiseWrites says:

      Sorry this is so late!

      I love your layout, it is very professional! The only details I would double check would be deleting or putting something in the sidebar text widget, as well and putting something in your about page and “Fundraising Campaigns” page. In fact, I don’t even think you need an about page, unless you were to do a “Meet the Author” in that section. Also, I think your site would be more credible if you added a bibliography to the end of each page as a footer of some kind.

      Your portfolio as well is very organize and pretty much perfect. The only possible recommendation I could think of would be to make the text in the very top navigation bar slightly darker because I almost didn’t know it was there.

      In regards to your paper, I would suggest maybe adding a line in your first paragraph just to describe Gorgias.

      Overall, I think you’ve done great work!

  4. haniam1315 says:

    Here are my links!

    Text-to-Hypertext Website:
    This is still pretty rough, but I plan on adding some more pictures and taking out and unnecessary stuff.

    Text-to-Hypertext Essay:
    I have a few more things to add to this. Also, if you’d like me to put this on Docs, I can do that.

    444 Portfolio:
    Like the other website, this is still pretty rough, but hopefully the pages all make sense.

    I would appreciate both technical and visual feedback (especially for the websites), and if anything seems unnecessary or out of place, I’d like to know that as well. Thanks!

    • jjwourman says:

      Hi Hania,

      I’ve read your essay and also viewed both websites. I’ll start with the essay. You do a great job of introducing the paper you worked on and taking readers through the process of transforming it into a website. My only suggestions would be to introduce the text-to-hypertext project in the beginning so readers understand what the assignment was. Also, with each interaction you mention with participants, maybe explain one or two key moments that connect back to the classs, the assignment objectives, or our readings.

      I think the actual hypertext website you made looks great. Its clean and the design has a great interface. My only suggestions are, now that you have the information up, think about how you want users to view your website. As of now, it just seems like information on a page, but I don’t know what the purpose of the website is. For example, do you want users to view your website as a magazine/non profit/educational website? With something like that in mind, it will help transform your website to more than simply information on a page. It might help by adding a sentence or two on the front that introduces what the website is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

      For your portfolio, you have all the necessary tabs and information up which is a great start. To make it easier, I would suggest creating one page for each assignment, and then under each page creating *child* pages of the additional parts such as Social media updates 1-3. That way, the top menu wont be so crowded.

      Lastly, don’t forget to include a picture of yourself and a little blurb about who you are/what you do!

    • Steve Krause says:

      It doesn’t look like you have gotten much feedback yet, but I definitely agree with what Ja’La is saying here. I think the site you have looks pretty clean, but remember that the goal of the assignment (or at least one of the goals) is to take advantage of some of the things you can do uniquely with hypertext and on the web. Right now, it’s pretty much just text, which is not a whole lot different than print. What can you incorporate in terms of images, links, video, audio, or other elements? Also with your essay: I think it’s okay, but I don’t completely get how the usability testing went, and I think it’s important that you do more to make some connection to the readings for the class. What did Krug and Redish teach you that’s useful for thinking about making web sites? Finally, you need to change the “generic” elements of your site– in other words, there shouldn’t be any place that says something like “this is a text widget.”

      As for your portfolio: Basically, you need to follow Ja’La’s advice in terms of a system of menus with “child” pages so it isn’t just a bunch of links at the top. And again, make sure you don’t have any generic pages of the sort that you are supposed to change once you get started, like your “about” page here.

    • ReneeG says:

      Hi Hania!

      Sorry for the late comment – this week has been HECTIC!

      For your website: I think that it looks really nice so far. I agree with Ja’La and definitely think that looking at your website from a viewers perspective could really help you make some adjustments to it.

      For your essay: I think that you are off to a great start. It flows pretty nicely and it’s well thought out. One thing that I would suggest is to introduce the actual project. While we all know what it is, I think that for the purpose of the essay, it is important to include.

      For your portfolio: I think Ja’La gave great advice. Spreading the assignments onto separate pages and then creating “child” pages underneath will make it a lot easier to navigate through.

    • LouiseWrites says:

      The black and white scheme as well and abundance of white space gives a very clean and organized look, and also makes me feel as though I should edit my page to look more like yours! Just make sure that you take care of the side widget on all of your pages. I also like that you put all of your icons at the top and that there is very minimal scrolling on your page.

      Your hypertext essay flows and covers all of the basics of the project, though you may want to add specifics from our readings that may have altered how you wanted to create your website.

      My only suggestion for your portfolio would be to add something in your home page about yourself aside from just introducing your name. Otherwise, pretty solid work!

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